gallery for a sculptor

A small art gallery, workshop and house for a sculptor that strongly considers the human scale. The gallery is a sensory escape from the constant activity of the city. Maintaining the idea of ‘cynosure’’, the viewer is guided through the site to a ‘room in a room’, where artworks are experienced from specific viewpoints before the viewer descends into the main gallery and contemplative garden.

Located in Potts Point, a small densely populated suburb of inner-city Sydney, Australia, the project is located 3 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district. Access to the gallery is from one main road, and visitors must walk under the sculptor's residence before reaching the gallery.

Views to the city were closed off in the gallery, to retain focus on the artworks. Only a select window and lookout were retained for visitors. The gallery was set lower than the residence to retain views for the sculptor when at home.

cynosure: serving for guidance or direction

site plan

1. canopy below 2. main gallery 3. lookout 4. private garden 5. gallery bridge 6. sculpture garde n 7. workshop below 8. artist's residence 9. main entrance

ground floor plan

cross section